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By Christopher Brookmyre

ISBN-10: 0316730114

ISBN-13: 9780316730112

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Who was it? ” “Cannae remember the names. ” “Get on it. ” “Just aboot. Never been shittin maesel so much in a polis station; no even the first time I got put in the cells. ” “Aye, I tellt them the lot. ” “Just thinkin oot loud. Fuckin bad score, but. ” “I stuck tae the story. ” “Me as well. Your drain, obviously. It was savin on a plumber that sold it, I reckon. ” “A fine. ” “Nae kiddin. And nae fuckin aboot noo. ” “Hauf nine. ” “At least it’s dark. ” “We get back an clean up the lodge. ” “Whit aboot, ye know…” “We get them intae the boot ay the motor, take them up the braes, intae the woods.

She doesn’t, but she looks like she really wants to. Martin hears a tut and looks forward, where a few desks in front Zoe is still struggling with her carton. The teacher looks up too, and says: “No, no, dear, you need to jag it through the wee hole. Dear, pet, don’t pull the sides or you’re going to…Pet, dear, hello…” But Zoe is concentrating too hard on her task to realise the teacher is talking to her, and Mrs Murphy can’t remember her name. ” just as Helen Dunn is approaching Zoe’s desk. Helen stops in her tracks, maybe not sure now whether it’s still her turn after almost being usurped the last time.

We could tell you their names, where they were found, the state they were in. We could tell you about the suspects too, the evidence, the investigators; join a few dots, even throw you a motive. But what would be the point? You’re going to make your own assumptions anyway. After all, you know these people, don’t you? You went to school with them. We all did. Granted, that was twenty years ago, but how much does anybody really change? Exactly. So if you really knew them then, you’ll already have all the answers.

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